Congregational Life Committee

The Congregational Life Committee is responsible for deepening the spiritual life of the members of this congregation, stimulating attendance at worship, Holy Communion, Sunday School, and other organizations.  They plan and execute the various loyalty activities within this congregation, including fellowship of both spiritual and social nature, such as Easter morning breakfast.

Evangelism Committee

The Evangelism Committee carries on a program to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to those who are unchurched in our community.

Finance/Stewardship Committee

The Finance Committee prepares the budget, suggests control for expenditures, supervises the handling and banking of funds, and sees that bills are promptly paid.

Parish Education Committee

The Parish Education Committee carries on the planning, programming, and business affairs of its various schools, such as Sunday School, Adult Bible classes, Confirmation, and Vacation Bible School.  This committee also promotes activities to encourage study of the Bible and provides assistance to having  family devotions.

Property Committee

The Property Committee sees that the property of this congregation is maintained in good repair, that the property is insured and that the necessary expansion of physical needs be provided. Additional duties include the protection of the property and the safety of all the people using the property. Contacts with police, fire department, and other governmental authorities will normally be by the Property Committee. Utilities, the appearance of the buildings and grounds, the purchase or sale of property, the rental of property such as parking, and discussions with neighbors on property matters are normally handled by the Property Committee. The Property Committee also supervises and provides adequate personnel, equipment, and supplies for secretarial and custodial services. The Property Committee coordinates the needs of all users of the property so that their physical plant needs are met.

Social Concerns Committee

The Social Concerns Committee is responsible for the study of local, national, and world social concerns.  It also recommends programs and procedures to encourage this congregation to reach out beyond our walls to help those in need from our talents, our treasures and our time.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for stewardship education within this congregation, fund-raising, and the propagation of the good use of time and talent within this congregation.


Worship and Music Committee

The Worship and Music Committee recommends appropriate times and formats for Sunday worship, holiday, and other special services to be conducted by laypeople and youth.  The Worship and Music Committee sees that ushering is properly and efficiently conducted, that a competent music staff is maintained, and that the appropriate choirs and other music is provided so as to aid in making the services meaningful and reverent.  .


Youth Committee

The Youth Committee is responsible for the youth program within this congregation.  It helps provide sponsors for the various youth activities and sees that an adequate program for youth is maintained.