Welcome to Faith Lutheran Church.


We are so glad you are here.

We worship the Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - by actively participating in traditional and convergent worship services. Each service is Scripture-based, using worship songs, hymns, scripture readings, a sermon, prayers and communion each week.

Mission Statement

The mission of Faith Lutheran Church is to serve the LORD by providing a church home where we can share the love of Christ with everyone.  We will do this through Bible-based studies, fellowship, uplifting worship and music and service to the community to grow God's family.

The Vision for Faith Lutheran Church

  1. For each person to grow closer in their personal relationship with God.
  2. To be a home for an extended family of believers with activities that strengthen and grow our relationship with God.
  3. For Faith Lutheran Church to be a vital part of Springfield Township, OH and surrounding communities.
  4. To share the love of Christ with those beyond our community.
  5. To have a vibrant, active, growing Youth Program.
  6. To help each person discover their spiritual gifts, so they are equipped as disciples to minister to others.
  7. We will be a church family that is open to change. 

For Faith's Complete Vision Statement, click here.