A Liturgical Church

What does this mean? It means that we worship in a way that involves everyone in the congregation, not in an entertaining way, but to prompt the people to respond to God's grace through their worship and in their lives.

What do we do? Briefly, the different parts of our liturgy (our format) used in our traditional and convergent worship services are:

1. We prepare ourselves with a Brief Order for Confession and Forgiveness. We want our hearts to be right with God. In our order of service we:

  • Hear the need to get right with God;
  • We admit to God our sin;
  • Hear the promise of God for forgiveness;
  • We hear the joyous news that we are forgiven.

Now, freed from sin we can whole-heartedly enter praise and worship of our Lord.

2. We praise God. We ask for God's grace and mercy and we glorify His Name:

  • Entrance Hymn- We come before the Lord with songs of adoration.
  • Apostolic Greeting- We extend the grace of God to one another.
  • Kyrie- Literally "Lord, have mercy." We pray for the mercy of God on our world.
  • Hymn of Praise- We give glory to God.
  • Salutation- We ask the Lord's spirit to be with each person.
  • Prayer of the Day- We ask the Lord to emphasize His truth to us today.

3. We hear God's Word. We listen to the truth of God's Word from the Old Testament, the Psalms, the New Testament Letters, and the Gospels. A simple truth is shared with the children in the children's message, and in the adult sermon the Pastor gives understanding and application of God's Word for our lives.

4. We respond in faith. Everyone is called to respond to the Word of God. We respond in song, in the profession of faith, in our tithes and offerings, in our prayers, and in our service to God in the week ahead.

5. We meet Him personally. Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is invited to partake of Holy Communion.