Welcome to Faith Lutheran Church.

We are so glad you are here!

We worship the Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - by actively participating in traditional and praise worship services. Each service is Scripture-based, using worship songs, hymns, scripture readings, a sermon, prayers and communion each week.
Our Mission Statement
Dedicated to growing disciples for Jesus Christ


Our Process Statement
  • To Worship
  • To Study
  • To Serve

Our Worship

Our Sunday morning celebration is a time where we re-orient our lives around God's story.  The driving purpose behind weekly community-based worship, communion, teaching and prayer is to help us fix our gaze on Jesus, re-focus our heart and head and experience Jesus within community.

Regular Worship and Education Schedule

9:00 am Praise Worship
Our Praise Worship is a contemporary expression of an ancient practice. A unique and inspiring combination of liturgy and contemporary praise music style. This service includes the celebration of Holy Communion.

10:05 am - Sunday Educational Opportunities
Sunday School (age 3-8th Grade; September through May)
Youth Bible Class (9-12th Grade; September through May)
Adult Bible Study (any age; September through May)
11:00 am Traditional Worship
Following the historical order of worship (liturgy), the worship community walks through the salvation story of Jesus Christ offering encouragement for lives of faith and service through hymns, Scripture readings, prayers and Holy Communion.